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 Children of Hell: Supernumerary Characters

The cast of a theatre, film or television production is neccessarily limited by space, time and money, as the cast and extras pages illustrate. An author has more freedom to paint a much broader picture, so Children of Hell includes the following additions to those appearing in the screen version.

 Children of Hell characters who do not appear in Genesis of the Daleks:

Sergeant HaskKaled Infantry Soldier
Ven BercolMedia producer …
Mari… his wife …
Qia… and their three children
ÆnidTransport driver
Lieutenant StaniskKaled infantry
Minister CheneyHead of the Media Ministry
Cheney’s mistress
ArcoFirst Secretary of State
KaynDirector of Strategy
Brigade Leader KröhnHead of Covert Enforcement
EsconCovert Enforcer
SergeantKeeper of the general’s door
MarneClinician at the Children’s Hospital
Major RasteMilitary Elite
Lieutenant Selman      "         "
Provost      "         "
ArtixMilitary Elite guard
Prell      "          "         "
Frake      "          "         "
DainerScientific Elite Computer Scientist
Kline         "           "    engineer
Arlen         "           "    lab technician
VaberThal survivor
Marat    "          "

N.B. Not all of the above appear in Chapter one.