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 Genesis of the Daleks Extras

The following constitute extras to the principal cast, i.e. those without speaking parts.

TV pays more to those with speaking parts, so names are either here or the cast page - not both.

While some names appear here more than once, some artistes (Terry Walsh and Alan Chuntz for instance) were regular stunt performers on the programme and so re-used frequently.

Michael BrinkerKaled Soldier
Anthony O'KeefeKaled Soldier
Steven ButlerKaled Soldier

Presumably these are the Kaled Soldiers on location.

Alan ChuntzKaled Soldier in Ravon's HQ

On the phone when The Doctor disarms the general!

Peter KodakElite Guard
Giles MelvilleElite Guard
Barry SummerfordElite Guard
Bob WatsonElite Guard
Roy CaeserElite Guard
Alan ChuntzElite Guard
Jim DowdallElite Guard

Generally, there were about four of the above per episode. Alan Chuntz, a regular stuntman, bearing more than a passing resemblance to Charles Asnavour, takes part in the armoury fight, probably with Jim Dowdall, another famous stuntman. Barry Summerford appeared in the Zammo McGuire era of Grange Hill.

Anthony LangKaled Councillor
Ronald NunneryKaled Councillor
George RomanovKaled Councillor

From Episode Three as sidekicks to Mogran. Anthony Lang is the ascetic-looking Time Lord in the first episode of The Three Doctors.

William AshleyKaled Scientist
Richard OrmeKaled Scientist
John TimberlakeKaled Scientist
Patrick TravisKaled Scientist
Alan Charles ThomasKaled Scientist
Charles ErskineKaled Scientist
Tony HayesKaled Scientist
Charles RayfordKaled Scientist
Mike ReynellKaled Scientist
Paddy RyanKaled Scientist
Harry Van EngelKaled Scientist
Terry WalshKaled Scientist

Plenty of those though, in the last episode, there are only about half a dozen to get exterminated. Tony Hayes plays a Mentiad in Pirate Planet. Paddy Ryan plays the First Werewolf (you know, the one on the moors) in John Landis’ American Werewolf in London. Terry Walsh is the suspiciously burly scientist (surely an engineer!) in the armoury fight scene.

Paul BurtonKaled Boy

Presumably one of the troops that pull The Doctor and Harry out of the gas attack. Paul went on to play Tom Brown in Royal Flash.

Ken TraceyKaled Prisoner

The other Kaled in the Thal Dome.

David BillaThal Soldier
Timothy BlackstoneThal Soldier
David CleeveThal Soldier
Kirk ClugstonThal Soldier
Julian PetersThal Soldier
Douglas RossiterThal Soldier
Terry WalshThal Soldier

Terry Walsh is the Thal in the green helmet with the torch, alongside Pat Gorman capturing Sarah and Severin, but he also seems a likely choice as one of the soldiers that attack the trench in Episode One. Timothy Blackstone was a regular in "blue" films at the time, appearing in 1970s hardcore porn shorts such as Desire, Non-Stop Spunker and Gypsies Curse. The brother of Baroness Tessa Blackstone, he was convicted of insider trading in 2003.

David CleeveThal Guard
Patrick ScoularThal Guard
Terry WalshThal Guard
Jim DowdallThal Guard
Dinny PowellThal Guard

Dinny Powell comes from a large family of stuntmen, and doubled for both Sean Connery and Roger Moore as James Bond. Terry Walsh is the guard that gets very neatly punched unconscious during the silo escape.

John DunnSilo Cart Driver
Keith NorrishThal Officer
David Roy PaulThal Officer
Philip MatherThal Officer
Eric RainerGeneral
John BeardmoreGeneral
Peter WhitakerThal Politician

From Episodes Three and Four when the rocket went up. Keith Norrish was a federation Trooper in Blake’s 7, while David Roy Paul was a Crimo. John Beardmore gets ‘eaten by the ground’ as Captain Revere in the first minutes of Frontios. Peter Whitaker was another Mentiad, and Inspector Gascoigne in The Faceless Ones.

David BillaThal Survivor
Timothy BlackstoneThal Survivor
Les ConradThal Survivor
Reg TurnerThal Survivor

From Episodes Five and Six, blowing up the Bunker; some presumably are intended to be civilians. David Billa went on to play a Vogan.

Stephen CalcuttMuto
John DelieuMuto
James MuirMuto
Roger SalterMuto
Terry WalshMuto

Stephen Calcutt played one of the Shadow’s Mutes in Armageddon Factor, as well as standing in for Peter Mayhew and David Prowse in Star Wars. James Muir played a number of minor parts in Dr Who, including a detective in City of Death. Terry Walsh, having played two Thals and a Kaled, now completes the set by playing a Muto!

Dod WatsonThing

Crawling past the grille on the way to the Cave of Mutations.

Michael CraneExtra
Peter DukeExtra
John SarbuttExtra
Christopher HolmesExtra
Julian HudsonExtra
David BillaExtra
Timothy BlackstoneExtra
Reg TurnerExtra
Rick CarrollExtra

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